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The view west over New Mills 

 The only New Mills comedy postcard I've seen. Knocker up was a real job, sort of a human alarm clock.
Within these pages I've tried to collect some of the information about New Mills, and of the wider area that interests me; and may be of interest to you. The site isn't finished and may take some time to complete, as the depth of the information i've collected over the last few years will take some time to write up, so pop back and have a look from time to time. If you have photographs of old New Mills or interesting old newspaper articles i'd very much like to include them.

I'd like to add some photographs of the Lantern Parade, both this years and previous years. If you have any good ones you would be prepared to allow me to use please contact me via the guestbook.

 The Torrs Hydro Achimedes Screw makes its first revolutions on the 20th of August 2008.